The Kupu Hotels have encapsulated luxurious charm for decades and debut a fancy collection of wellness ressources for its guests, inviting them to experience “Best for life”.

The Kupu Hotels will provide to its guests unprecedent opportunities to pursue their dream health – and to offer them the possibility to have full of activities – and to access this opportunity whenever they wish throught a dedicated Wellness Concierge Service. “Best of Life” offers Kupu guests a holistic experience of wellness and offer the possibility to enjoy a luxurious moments during their stay.


Vegan Kupu

Embark on a sumptious collection of succulent and flavoursome menu, we attempt to support your nutrition goals during your time with us. We offer you the most comfortable programme to help you relax and keep energy during your stay in Kupu Hotels. Our programme also promotes sustainability and want to minimise environmental impact for the local community.

Relax body & mind by l’Occitane

Kupu offers a perfect menu of wellbeing and beauty rituals, delivered by using modern expertise to nurture the body. Mind and spirit. Signature rituals, inspired by Provence, also address the effects of modern living using natural ingredients and intuitive art of touch.